Accommodating diversity in computer science education in accounting why liquidating is declaired

Well, in some instances we may need to enlist the help of an individual who is bilingual so that Isabella can understand what's going on.This can be another PE teacher, an assistant, or even a student who speaks the same language, depending on circumstances.There are nine major types of adaptations for lessons: Input, output, time, difficulty, level of support, size, degree of participation, alternate goal, or substitute curriculum.

Whatever the goal, identify your peer supports and identify for them and the student your specific, individuated goals for that learning time.

There are no cultural or language barriers to overcome.

However, Alex has a physical disability that limits how he can participate in physical education programs.

He speaks fluent English, so there is no language barrier to overcome with Giang.

However, he does come from a very different culture than that of the European-American culture that values individual competitiveness, or the drive for personal success.

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She's obviously in an ESL class, but it'll be a little while before she can communicate to an extent that she understand the instructions being handed out or explained to her.

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