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Works great for those who are rusty on their skills as well. and Thurs, June 7 and 9 Time: – pm Fee: 0 Instructor: ELEESE LESTER Limit: 14 students, Ages 16 (Registrants must be screened- [email protected])For amateur and professional actors, identify specific areas for improvement through scene study, script analysis, audition technique, character and story development.Summer: Mondays, June 6- July 25 Time: pm-pm Fee: 5 Instructor: ELEESE LESTER Limit: 12 students, Ages 16 Note: We recommend 4 quarters for best results! Mature Natural Tits Orgy Parody Pegging Pregnant P. Reality Red Heads School Girls Shemale Softcore Squriting Taboo Sex Threesomes Transsexual Voyeurism NOTE: Internet Explorer has features that can show sites improperly, can delete cookies unwittingly like login sessions & shopping cart, runs slower because it likes to load full page first before displaying components.

Each of the workshops at AFA is designed to help you develop your skills and increase your marketability as a film, commercial or voice actor.You may want to take it occasionally after this for a refresher. Most agents in the SOUTHWEST area will not send you out on film auditions until you are booking commercials. Commercials are more difficult to do and include lots of improvisation.But don’t worry this workshop really helps you enjoy acting in commercials and become a better actor in the process!Prepare to have fun as you get familiar with the basics.We’ll cover how to read a script, create a character, auditioning, listening and responding.

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Casting directors expect you to know how to improvise and you will need to take this workshop each quarter until you have mastered it. But don’t worry this workshop really helps you enjoy the process!

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