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For many years now I have been telling the publicists of movies I’m in, "When you set up that interview with the journalist, please gently tell them I prefer not to be called a Scream Queen," and then I give a brief explanation with a version of the tweet I sent out on Tuesday.

The concept of shrieking damsels in distress has been around since the dawn of film, with star Sandra Peabody was one of the first actresses to have the title officially bestowed upon her after appearing in Wes Craven's 1972 classic, but it wasn't until the early '80s, when then-ingenue Jamie Lee Curtis starred in an impressive five horror films over the course of two years, that the term hit the mainstream.

Let me share with you what I said to producer Travis Stevens while working on : "A character doesn’t know they are in a horror movie.

As the character, I am given a certain set of experiences to live through in a film and I try to do that with as much genuineness as possible." Anger, longing, love and fear are aspects of many situations in life and in all genres.

Also in attendance were Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green, Ryan Rottman, Ashley Benson and Mike Posner.

While doing good, Latifah said she was "feeling good." As for what the future holds?

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My Twitter links to Facebook and even the following morning I woke up to hundreds of likes, opinions and remarks. Like “Kevin,” this is clearly something we need to talk about.

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