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Also, during Thursday’s Celebritology discussion, a debate ensued on this topic.As a result, I have eliminated Jennifer Aniston and former Clooney girlfriend Renee Zellweger from inclusion because there seemed to be too much backlash against both choices.

There never seemed to be an innocent period with her, a period of dating or having a crush. I mean, why not say, “Well, if she were four inches tall, and her name were Thumbelina, everything would have been fine.” I could not have saved Tiffany.

Author David Sedaris has been relatively quiet about the suicide of his sister, Tiffany, since penning a New Yorker essay about it in 2013 that elicited a rebuke from his sister’s friend, and revealed the difficulty that families have trying to reach loved ones with mental illness.

But this week Sedaris opened up again in an interview in Vice magazine.

If Clooney’s next girlfriend can’t be one of us, it should at least be one of these independent, intriguing women. Halle Berry Sure, the 27-year-old sister of Kate Middleton might be a little young for Clooney. So much so that it could cause the equivalent of a celebrity blogosphere big bang, leading to the inevitable explosion of the Internet.

Kate Winslet Here’s another beautiful Brit to consider.

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