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In indirect crimes, common categories include Internet and telephone scams, although some individuals work via regular mail.Texting scams are increasingly popular and often target teens.Certain people enjoy the rush of pulling of a scheme, while others look for a sense of superiority over those they target.Crooks also may be using their crimes as a way of lashing out or gaining attention.

Trust occasionally — if rarely — becomes so strong that the swindler cannot follow through with his plans, and in extreme cases, he might even admit his original intent and try to make amends for the dishonesty.Targets of these crimes also may be so colored by the event that they assume that all crooks operate the same way as the one they knew.Although cons always start out with the serious intention of scamming, as trust grows, some con artists become extremely emotionally invested with their target victims.Swindlers generally choose from two major types of cons: indirect and direct.In the first type, the con artist contacts and interacts with victims from a distance.

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  1. Here’s an example that really works:“I am a rocket scientist. And after mastering Italian, I became an international super spy. But I do like a good martini and I got a B in my 5th grade science class. Bumble mainly attracts women in the 25-35 age range who are intelligent and successful.

  2. the fall of 1964, on a visit to the World’s Fair, in Queens, Lewis Altfest, a twenty-five-year-old accountant, came upon an open-air display called the Parker Pen Pavilion, where a giant computer clicked and whirred at the job of selecting foreign pen pals for curious pavilion visitors. Within a year, more than five thousand subscribers had signed on. It would invite dozens of matched couples to singles parties, knowing that people might be more comfortable in a group setting. They wound up in the pages of the New York subscriber.