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Furthermore, many asexual people feel very private about their asexuality, so it may not be something they’re comfortable talking about right away.Most people ask David’s asexual identity interacts heavily with his gender, class, and racial identities because of the sexual expectations of those identities.Asexuality is something that is currently discriminated against or thought of as weird or wrong.Asexual people are at risk of violence — — if they reveal their asexuality to someone they don’t know.David’s relationships sometimes look like dating sometimes, but not always.Intimate relationships are incredibly important to him, romantic relationships less so.It’s complicated for her to step away from sexuality while simultaneously claiming agency that comes from sexuality.

When he is doing visibility work, it’s easier for him to present a “queer” topic — — to a mainstream audience because he’s seen as a nonthreatening “everyman.” However, he is conscious that his position as a figurehead of asexuality can give the impression that asexuality is a “white” identity and that he might be alienating asexual people of color. To claim sexuality is to claim a certain kind of power.

It’s specifically flawed in ways that make it difficult for asexual people to engage in.

David rejects that there’s only one kind of relationship that counts, and that there’s a particular course that a relationship must take.

He doesn’t feel that it’s wise or healthy to enter into a relationship with a preconceived idea of how that relationship might go.

It’s better to see how you connect, how you can interact with each other.

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