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People can visit our website, access our breath services but still remain anonymous," said Dr. For those people still unsure if they have halitosis, or want to do something about it, The Australian Breath Clinic offers the only test in Australia to harness oral gas diagnostic technology to pinpoint the specific volatile gases which constitute bad breath.Previously bad breath could only be analysed subjectively through smell or through basic tests, which determined an arbitrary smell level.A woman wants a man who minds enough to take care of himself.This was the biggest turnoff for 26% of singles surveyed.3.Twenty-five percent of men and women surveyed thought this was the biggest turnoff. They Smoke For 22% of those surveyed, smoking was an instant turnoff.Smoking also ties into bad breath as it could be a cause.They'd rather suffer through the discomfort than bring up what can be an embarrassing subject.

They Have Bad Breath As if talking to someone with bad breath isn’t bad enough, kissing someone with bad breath is unbearable.Well it might have been your breath – a recent poll of 5000 people confirms that bad breath is the top turn off for daters, closely followed by crooked and discoloured teeth.Considering that almost 30 per cent of Australians suffer from bad breath, it's a common problem."I walked out and left him the bill."Women and men experience these situations all the time, leaving them turned off and literally wanting to get away from the other person.It’s Just Lunch, the world’s #1 personalized matchmaking service, recently took a survey of over 5,000 singles and found the top 5 biggest turn-offs.

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Bad breath may just be a case of their onion-ed up Subway sandwich, or it could be a more serious case like halitosis or another periodontal disease.

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