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You don’t have to pretend to hate her, PAIN, and you don’t have to tell her to fuck off.

But you do have to tell her that it’s over—at least for now.

While honesty (best policy) and confession (good for the soul) get all the positive press, there are times when unburdening yourself is absolutely the wrong thing to do.

The person who confesses may wind up feeling better—because at least now they’re being honest—but the person to whom they’ve confessed can wind up feeling a whole lot worse. If your fiancée is going to inevitably find out, CPOS, better she find out about it from you.

Can’t Personally Overlook Selfishness I’m with your therapist, CPOS—and, hey, it’s nice to see “keep your mouth shut about a one-time infidelity” make the jump from our finer advice columns (Dear Prudence, Dear Sugar, Savage Love) to some of our actual therapists.

I am so in love and I want to be together again after her trip. Pensive And Insecure Now She wants to get out there and do “things she didn’t get to do in her teens,” i.e., fuck other guys and most likely date other guys.

This isn’t what you want, PAIN, you’ve made that clear to her, but she’s gonna fuck other guys anyway.

She discovered the dating app I used, and we worked through that.

But she doesn’t know that shortly after her discovery, I went ahead and cheated.

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