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I'll catch all of it, and if I don't, well, my wife and kids can make fun of me when I get home.(Laughing)I didn't come out here to starve, sweat, and struggle without a little payoff.(Chuckling) I'm here for the million and the experience.

And I feel it is gonna be an asset in a game like this where there is so much lying and deception.He's sitting here smirking like he's already got the game under his big thumb.But I got news for him, this single mother ain't gonna let that happen!Within this beautiful landscape lies ancient ruins, hundreds of years old. For decades, the Incan empire dominated the land, conquering all other civilizations around them until 1533 when they were finally overthrown by the Spanish.And left behind were the ancient Incan cities that inhabit the jungles and coastlines.

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To see that I'm finally here, that I'm finally in my element, confirms the fact that I'm here for one reason and one reason only: to win that million dollars and conquer this game. People that are like me don't usually do stuff like this.(Giggling) But I'm ready for it.

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