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Your direct line to thou- sands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks. Publishers - interested in subscribing to the Straight Dope? Early speculation was that 400 to 550 times the amount of “surface data” existed in the deep Web, and nowadays that may be an underestimate.Most of what we’re talking about, Una continued, is corporate data archives and whatnot and is excruciatingly boring. There are also some fascinating if decidedly unsavory bits. The dark Web is a collection of sites and technologies that don’t just hide data but conceal attempts to access it.Not many people are looking to hire serial killers.

Fulfillment can be a pain, and the authorities have started watching these sites and intercepting drug shipments — after all, the anonymity of the dark Web means you can’t tell if the party looking for frozen human pineal glands is a mere ghoul or a state DEA agent.Thus on the dark Web you find the doings of the anarchist hacktivists of Anonymous and the folks behind Wikileaks; Islamic jihadist message boards; stolen credit card numbers, for sale singly and by the thousands; drugs of every description; child pornography; prostitute directories; contact info for purported assassins; and mundane wares such as pirated music and movies.One of the biggest retail commerce sites on the dark Web, Silk Road, is estimated to move million in drugs annually.Beautiful People – Data Breach This New York-based dating site had its data breached a few months ago,in November last year.It was then estimated that data consisting of addresses, sexual preferences, incomes, over 15 million messages that flowed between the users, weight, height, job held, email addresses, etc., were stolen.

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