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Invertebrates for radiocarbon analyses were sampled on a 2005 moraine in 20, about 100 m from the ice edge. 1) shows the actual landscape, with some of the dated moraines. Elven is acknowledged for the Chironomidae drawing.The aerial photo of the glacier foreland, taken in 2007, shows several dated moraines. According to radiocarbon dating, specimens of the wolf spider Pardosa trailli, the harvestman Mitopus morio, and the ground beetles Nebria nivalis and Bembidion hastii, were 340, 570, 690, and 1100 years old, respectively (Fig. This indicates that glacier foreland predators contain significant amounts of ancient carbon.Surprisingly, only minor amounts of ancient carbon was found in springtails, as Bourletiella hortensis and a mix of four Isotomidae springtail species were each radiocarbon-dated to about 60 years old (Supplementary S1).Our next step to identify the prey was gut analyses.Glaciers are retreating and predatory invertebrates rapidly colonize deglaciated, barren ground.

We also document a combined aquatic and terrestrial food web from a recently deglaciated moraine landscape, which challenges the classic “predator first” hypothesis. The foreland (60°34′N; 7°28′E), nearly 1400 m above sea level, is characterized by harsh environmental conditions, particularly during winter.

Here we present an alternative explanation and a novel glacier foreland food web by showing that pioneer predators eat locally produced midges containing 21,000 years old ancient carbon released by the melting glacier.

Ancient carbon was assimilated by aquatic midge larvae, and terrestrial adults achieved a radiocarbon age of 1040 years.

Since zooplankton can ingest small particles containing ancient carbon in rivers.

Our results extend these findings by showing an extensive in situ use of ancient carbon by several organisms in a glacial foreland, and that ancient carbon enters high trophic levels of the recent food web soon after deglaciation.

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