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Labeled bottle has tear in upper right corner that can be seen in the pic. and then started brewing Golden Age beer there after prohibition.American Ale is the first beer under the Budweiser name that is brewed with a top fermenting yeast.The beer's darker color is a departure from the other Budweiser brands. Budweiser Brew Masters' Private Reserve is an all-malt lager with a honey color and robust taste.

In summer 2016, A-B released the newest "rita" flavor of their line named "Water-melon-rita", a watermelon flavored margarita.

MGD 64 has only 2.8% alcohol content and some Select 55 states "alcohol content not more than 3.2% by weight / 4% by volume", possibly to allow its sale in areas where that is the limit.

The actual alcohol content of "55" is reported to be 2.4% ABV; by comparison, most American lagers have around 5%. 66 is a 4% alcohol by volume lager that is brewed and distributed in the United Kingdom by In Bev UK Limited.

In summer 2017, A-B released the new "Peach-A-Rita," a peach-flavored margarita.

A-B also released the new "Orange-A-Rita," an orange-flavored margarita but only available in MI, OH, TX, FL, and GA.

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