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The next day, one of them asked me to go swimming at a local hot springs with a group of his friends. Unwittingly, I had walked into the middle of a struggle to redefine Chinese identity, in a nation at times unable to come to terms with its own sexual revolution — or the epidemic of violence behind its closed doors.

China's repressed struggle became visible last week as America belatedly dealt with longstanding sexual assault allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Investigations by revealed Weinstein's decades of abuse and assault against dozens of women in which a male-dominated media industry was complicit.

The allegations triggered a society-wide reckoning, as women across the country and around the world who have experienced sexual assault posted the deceptively simple five letters “me too” on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

But the good ones are indeed out there, and luckily, the bad ones usually reveal themselves early in the process.

Watching out for these warning signs can make it easier to take a relationship from email to in-person.

One Friday evening, I attended an English meet-up at a local university, hoping to make some Chinese friends.

Someone who blatantly disregards what you’ve stated you’re looking for is simply wasting your time.That is, until you receive a message or phone call confessing that the picture he sent wasn’t really him, and that he’s actually five years older than he claimed, but now that you’ve gotten to know him, that shouldn’t be a problem, right? The intent is to trick potential dates into falling for their “inner beauty,” but all this ruse really reveals about someone is that he’s a liar.People who employ this tactic generally aren’t tender souls who are afraid of rejection; they’re just not confident enough to be themselves.It’s great conversation fodder when someone displays snapshots of himself on vacation or out with friends, but it’s reasonable to expect at least one clear picture of his face.If you receive an impersonal message that seems oddly like a form letter, it probably is.

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A person who constantly makes plans and then cancels them, or who can talk on the phone only at certain times of the day, either has an incredibly demanding job or is not quite as single as she claims.

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