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There was his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, following his high-profile relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

Who could forget, try as they might, the reign of Bennifer and its progeny, producer books musical acts for the show.

Even without the sycophants, these bonds can still create angst.

“Celebrities can successfully date ordinary people as long as they’re both aware they will be publicly scrutinized and that their lives may be dictated by the celebrity’s appearance and production schedule.

It can certainly work, but takes a little more coordination and communication,” Syrtash added. Jenn." She believes celebrities and people with standard occupations can still have effective relationships, despite the obstacles they face—including red carpet premieres and socializing doubling as work obligations.

“Often times, people in the entertainment industry do not have great boundaries and that can be challenging for someone who is not used to it,” she told us.

— Billy Eichner’s character Billy Epstein’s boyfriend. Anyway, John Cho’s (very attractive) advertising-executive character named Todd is “as much of a dick as Billy and Julie.” He and Billy connect after a (very sexy) prank war, and the season will follow their (steamy) attempts to figure out how to make a real relationship work.

To recap: Billy Eichner is, per Vulture’s official research, a total hunk and very cool, while his character Billy Epstein is a total misanthrope.

The hook-up culture is so prominent in society these days, it allows minimal time for commitment, minimal emotional attachment and more opportunities for physical pleasure.“Those people understand what is required of the celebrity and are used to being behind the scenes.Difficult People hails from Julie Klausner who stars alongside Emmy-nominated Billy on the Street host Billy Eichner.As best friends living in New York City, their typical, irreverent behavior lands them in some very awkward situations.Judy Gold appears in Season 2 of Difficult People, premiering July 12, 2016.

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It takes a very secure person to date a celebrity and be able to handle that.” And of course, the tabloid’s obsession with a new couple doesn’t help.

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