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He used to work with Elton John, like thirty years ago and he said he was going to e-mail my music to Elton.I really didn't really think anything of it, I was like as if Elton John will listen to it, but five minutes later we got a message back saying; "Love the sound, does he have a nice face?It's when something major happens and you get a rush of emotion.I can't talk about negative things but I can write about them. My two managers are really good at getting me to talk about things that I don't want to talk about through music.So if you keep your head straight to the middle of the board then you’re going to be fine.Try and imagine you can only move your head up and down, and you can’t move it left or right.I like bikram as in the heat I feel like I'm working harder.

Songs are like my diary.' You're off to record in Nashville soon, is there pressure? There have been three times now where I've had to catch someone.

And then there's John Butler who is a bit more surfy. Lyrically, she was amazing.' What's your song-writing process like?

'I probably write a song a day every day about random stuff, but the good ones hit you out of nowhere.

" I screenshotted it, it was so cool.' Who else do you admire musically?

'I think Hozier and James Bay have a really cool corner in the market. I saw him live and it's the sexiest gig I've ever been to. His band were sick, they played for like two hours.

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