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I think the colour is a bit tacky and too bright for a dating website, but that’s just personal taste.App – 9/10 I tended to mostly use Lovestruck on my phone and found the app really user friendly.Instead, daters who have paid to get online seem far more determined to establish if you’re the woman of their dreams before they meet you – in my opinion, one of the worst ways to online date, as you can never truly identify chemistry until you meet.Free Services – 4/10 Whilst Lovestruck does offer free services, they are extremely limited.

Last year Miss 32 and I went to Lovestruck’s red straw party – a really simple, easy idea for a dating event.

(Have the makers of those ads ever actually looked around a Tube carriage?!

) Number of Options – 9/10 For an online dating site, Lovestruck has a large amount of options.

The free ‘membership’ allows you to set up a profile, look at their profile photos and wink at other people, but the very nature of the app means that winks are so common, you don’t tend to check them, and instead only focus on messages, which you have to pay to send and receive.

Ease of Set-Up – 8/10 The profile was very simple and easy to set up.

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