Dating site that accept online check payment

Profiles are manually approved before they go live on the site.

Your profile most likely did not meet our approval process.

Some members rely on our email notifications to check mail, therefore we have decided to not show the last log in date.

The main photo must be uploaded in the "my profile" section of the site. The main photo is the very first photo members see, and the photo that shows up in the search results. No clipart, quotes, cartoons, sexual, shirtless photos, etc.

The desktop view shows more options then the mobile view. This photo is the first impression photo and shown in the search results. You should be able to take a selfie and upload it to your profile.

To upload to your photo album, go to "my pictures". Our mobile template is not compatible with all mobile devices, but we will be happy to upload (1) one main photo for you if you continue to have problems.

It is however possible that a scammer can slip by our approval process.We care about your experience on our service and take reasonable steps to prevent scammers from joining.Although no service can be 100% free from scammers, we do our best.In other words, please upload good quality photos of yourself only in your profile. When you hear the horse whinny, that means a member wants to chat one on one in real time.We reserve the right to remove any photo we deem unfit. A flirt is a pre-written text message that you can send free to members to let them know that you are interested. To delete all, simply select the check box next to the "sender" at the top of the page. You may turn this sound on or off by clicking on the small wheel icon on the bottom right hand corner of the scree.

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