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Since princess Jasmine arrived to the Dressupmix College, she became BFFs with Anna and Ariel! Take her out onto the dance floor bundled up in some Christmas Santa cuteness and get her ready for a night she'll nev... Join Hazel to enjoy interesting Christmas activities along with Santa. Help her go through the spa and facial bath session and learn what it takes to st...

She only has one day left to plan everything and she could surely use your precious helping... This beautiful dance floor queen loves to dress up during the holiday season. Help Elsa decorate her house for holidays, the furniture must fit Elsa's needs and look good. Elsa needs a beauty session before Christmas so she wants to take a spa bath with jacuzzi and specific Xmas plants.

Grandpa gave it up when he became a doctor, but he carried the magic of performing with him. Storyteller: An old man walked past Angel and stooped over to pick her up. Storyteller: Hope kindled in Angel's heart but it was short-lived when the old man tossed her into the trash bin. A dirty-faced woman with scraggly hair spied Angel. Storyteller: There once was a mouse who wanted to be Santa Claus.

She loved singing Christmas songs with him each year. Storyteller: The dog bit at Angel, pulling off several of her beautiful red leaves. Every day, he wore a red Santa suit that was cobbled together from scraps he found in the human homeowner's garbage.

Angel ventures into the human world, only her magic goes askew and she finds herself a poinsettia plant that no one loves. Storyteller: Angel found herself in a coffee shop where Maggie set her down at a table with another woman. (Basketball is bounced from off stage onto stage and teenage boy grabs it.) Storyteller: The young man set Angel on the sidewalk while he ran to join his friends on the basketball court. He made his way through the kitchen into the large den where the Christmas tree glimmered like a magical North Pole tree.

A homeless woman rescues Angel from a garbage bin and nurses her back to health. Maggie: I know it's Christmas, Stella, but I feel so sad this year. Angel sat waiting for the boy to finish the game, but to her surprise, he completely forgot about her and after the game he and his friends walked away in the opposite direction. There were all sizes and shapes of presents underneath the tall decorated tree and the fireplace was lit with the logs popping and spewing.

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Celebrating Christmas with a skit is easy with three free original and exclusive skits you can use anytime. Consider putting on a family skit this year or produce a fundraiser skit for your favorite charity. Angel: You are such a kind woman and have a very big heart. Little Mouse wants to be Santa Claus and dresses in a homemade Santa suit all year round.

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