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As the days dwindle down to that most special, annual heart-shaped chocolatey ball of joy/happiness/romance/expectation/loneliness/depression — choose your own adventure — we are reminded that deep down, everyone wants the same thing. His photo shows him rocking out on guitar in front of a Christmas tree.It is an intangible, soul-nurturing comfort, summed up best perhaps by 34-year-old Gatineau woman Big Z, who on her Singles Around Me dating app profile — with a photo showing her pink bikini-clad four-foot-eight frame surrounded by volumes upon volumes of, shall we say, winter layers — indicates that what is perhaps missing from her life right now is “boy girl whatever, i’m hungry and open-minded Gang bang, greek, video taping, WHATEVER I’m game if your (sic) into it just send me an email if your (sic) for REAL!!! “So I guess since you’re awesome,” he writes, “and im awesome….No matter where you live in Canada, dating with Elite Singles can help you meet someone wonderful.

On SAM, for example, a map of the area you’re in is displayed, with pins identifying where other singles are.“This is the way that people date and find each other now,” says Klotz, a married father of three. The Heavy Metal Chef, who describes himself as a chef, rock star, fitness-loving romantic car-building guy, is more to your taste.We should be awesome together.”Still a bit over the top or not to your grammatical standards?A New Edinburgh resident and entrepreneur with an MBA from Cambridge, Klotz expects the shifting location software he’s in the process of patenting to be of huge interest to the likes of Facebook, Google and Twitter, making Singles Around Me, or simply the location-shifting patent, an extremely valuable commodity.Before SAM, Klotz developed and sold online job ads at

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These days, it’s picking up about 200,000 downloads each month, according to founder Chris Klotz, earning it a four-star rating among users.

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