Court documents outline a violent encounter Saturday night at a home in the 400 block of West Central Avenue in Spokane.

Hall is the ex-boyfriend of a woman with whom Dennis had been living in the home.

The star took to Instagram to reveal the great news as he posted a black and white photo where he is seen kissing his lover on her stomach. Considering his post, it seems like he doesn't know it either as his hashtags read: '#boy or #girl'.

Brian Lee Hall has been charged with murder in the Saturday shooting death of Demetrius Dennis.

Dennis’ cousin Kimberly Hampton said the shooting had nothing to do with Dennis’ business.

Instead, she said, Hall was angry that Dennis was dating Hall’s ex-girlfriend. “That man took away a father, a brother,” she said. you can see the love that they had.” Dee Hampton said Hall punched Dennis in his face about six months ago while walking downtown and slashed Dennis’ girlfriend’s car tires.

I was completely calm and ladylike for over an hour listening to most of this. He apologized over and over about it, but there is no way I would ever trust him or get past this kind of treatment.

He tried to justify his actions on the fact that I was talking to another guy when we initially got to the bar for the chairs.

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My date took off to the restroom and requested for a drink order while he was away. The obviously drunk girl was begging him to stay and offering him a ride since I was his ride home.

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