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Seeking Truth About This Unpleasant Situation “Where to start?” asked Peter Staley, the legendary AIDS activist, founding director of the Treatment Action Group, and longtime board member of the American Foundation for AIDS Research.We had both had multiple tests throughout our relationship because of physicals and the process we went through to get pregnant. Needless to say, he was infected as a result of him cheating. Recently I saw a message from a woman saying, “Call me or I am calling your wife.” I identified myself, and she and I spoke briefly.I asked her how long they were having a relationship, and she told me since January. I confronted him, and he claims she is a crazy stalker. He has never tried to not use a condom when we have had sex.“Their website is filled with frightening cases of people with HIV rotting in jail for supposed nondisclosure, even when no transmission occurred.There are no similar convictions for nondisclosure of hepatitis C, HPV, syphilis, herpes, etc., some of which can kill.

But policing your ex’s sexual identity, his love life, and his Craigslist presence is Not Your Job.

But since you don’t want to call the police yourself—you don’t want your fingerprints on this—you want to con your husband (with my help!

) into telling “the full truth” to a therapist who will have to call the police.

People with HIV are being singled out by legislatures trying to ‘protect’ the public from ‘AIDS monsters’ created by local TV stations looking for ratings.” Follow Peter Staley on Twitter @peterstaley and on Facebook at facebook.com/peterstaley.

My boyfriend of two years and I broke up because I found out that he was having sexual relations with anonymous men he contacted through Craigslist. He claims that he has these urges only when he smokes marijuana.

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