Expiration dating of multidose vials

A: Most would agree that you should limit use of multidose vials whenever possible.There are varying recommendations on when the used multidose vials should be discarded which is why our position paper noted it as an unresolved issue.There have been too many examples in recent history of abuse and mismanagement of multi-dose vials with subsequent mass transmission of Hep C/B that this can no longer be taken lightly.Plain and simple, you put your patients at risk if you utilize multi-dose vials for more than one patient.Which leads me to my next question…How many times should you enter a vial before discarding it with a 28 day exp?

Prior to discarding it though, contact your Iinfection Preventionist, as they may want the vial to culture it for microorganisms.

Regarding a multidose vial-“Use them for single patients whenever feasible”-where i work in a family physicians clinic a great deal of vials are used and not for one patient.

Cyanocobalamin is usually given monthly for several patients as well as Depo Medro, Depo Testosterone and in procedures Lidocaine for local anesthesia-these of course should be used only when a sterile needle and syringe is used each time of drawing up. Is there a general rule then that these vials shouldn’t be kept past a 28 day rule?

However, that may not be the case today given conversations I had with colleagues at our recent APIC national conference.

Therefore, we are currently having conversations with various organizations to help develop one consistent message for HCP.

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If we were to expire the vial after 28 days the waste and the expense would be great.

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  1. It seems to me that while creation ministries likes to question current scientific assumptions, they put forward no answers that are not subject to the same, if not more, criticism.