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I didn’t start dating until the end of senior year, and the guy I dated had known me for years prior.

To put it simply, I had no real experience with boys.

Stanford’s reputation for being a non-dating campus with a rampant hookup culture honestly scared me.

I hardly knew what it meant to be in a relationship, so the thought of hooking up sent my head spinning. With an amorphous definition established, I decided to post a short survey in the Class of 2020 Facebook group.

Combined with partying and alcohol, many freshmen are in an exploratory state.

While new experiences are exciting, some students may find themselves bored of hookups and begin looking for deeper relationships.

Whether the craze slows down after freshman fall quarter or after sophomore year, hookups will always have a place in Stanford’s social scene, as with many universities.

The appeal of no strings attached combined with physical pleasure is alluring.

He agreed it is an extremely rewarding experience, but often, one factor breaks an LDR: physical presence.The rest agreed that it depends on the specific situation and that dating is possible in any year.For the 47 surveyed students who haven’t hooked up with anyone, there is hope for a relationship.Although web-based contact poses quite the challenge, Gonzalez believes it helps partners grow closer.“Asking random questions all day long helps you understand your partner in ways you can’t imagine,” he stated.

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