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As to real people, l have only met one so far, maybe 2. They will appreciate it and you might meet the girl of your dreams. I would suggest that this website is just used to pry people of their money. Set up a meeting asap do not listen to any excuse to suddenly have to leave the country, they are very good at what they do, ask for a photo of them with their hand on their heart at the destination they claim to be at, they will make you feel that you don't trust them, well don't they will ultimately try to get something from you, be very, very careful.As soon as I requested no scammers on my profile I was inundated by scammers with single fake photos. Like any other dating site this is just another scam, 100% fake profiles, just remember who would put their personal information to be accessed by every Dick and Harry plus all those criminals that want your personal information, if you can't find a date in a club, work, café etc.The dating site is fraudulent and full of scammers.It seems to be impossible to cancel a subscription through their online site. The matches they send you are primarily from Abbotsford - the first suburb alphabetically. After lodging a complaint with their customer service department, I was informed that because I had "used" the site I could not have a refund.Their so called girls are only after money as this site is and is not concerned with your plight in life or as a lonely single, I did a cashback on my card and advise all that are not satisfied to do the same as quickly as possible!

In all I met not one single person in 4 months and received about 1000 emails. Another thing is they let asian woman pose as Australian woman-attractive girls in remote Oz localities like Bathurst Island and Tennant creek and others in the NT-BEWARE!I was amused to get so many similar emails from "widowers" who had lost their dearly beloved wife in accidents or though cancer.Profiles claiming to be from men living in Sydney who seemed to have no idea about the geography of Sydney.It must be awash with single men who swim, HUNT, and keep exotic fish.Good Grief , how do you expect us to be so gullible?

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I cannot understand how they are legally able to continue. All these sites make it hard for one to cancel subscriptions. Without exaggeration, I receive at least 4 winks or messages from fake profiles ever day.

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