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Last night we ordered, the order was wrong of course and.. Cheese crust or pizza in a pan with out the crust would be amazing and would benefit ketogenic way of eating!the pizza and bread sticks was so under cooked it made us gag. Reply I am very disappointed in my local Pizza Hut – they refuse to honor any of the national deals. They can’t say they’ve never seen it or heard of it.Hope you enjoy your Taco Bell or whatever mexican check cashing place winds up locating there. I know someone that is being treated unfairly and is given so many hours a week while others get all the times and the shifts that make good tips. I get there the next day and my manager has this look of concern but I can tell it wasn’t for me. This isn’t the first time a manager has no interest in helping the staff. Manager the first time I worked there every time the manager would leave a shift (nights) I would come in every part of the store was trashed (kitchen, dining, bathrooms). Asked the last manager about a raise, he flat out told me “F… Then the new manager came in and told my wife she was going to get her a raise. Wife asked her about it, GM said she had to watch a video, no word about it so my wife found another job with more hours and money. What I got back from the feed back was rude and unprofessional in an email from Pizza Hut. You will never get my business which in football season is kind of big and I am betting puts me in the elite customer area. Took 1 spoon of the pasta ‘hot’ dish, which was cold & dried up. They used to be a good spot for lunch and this is by far not the 1st time this has happened here.As goes Pizza Hut and Steak and Ale, so goes Houston. This is not by any means fair and I just believe that this company should have more honor and integrity then they have. I was just wanting to let you know that I know people that are being unfairly by this company. One day the higher up were coming in, and all I asked him to do was make the dining room looked good. Your drivers will be disappointed as well as I know several love my tips which were rather generous. By the look at numerous comments, it’s not just Pierre, South Dakota…it’s EVERYWHERE! Reply Visted Pizza Hut in Danville wv on July 5,2017 a wed evening had the pizza Buffett and at pm there was only 2 pizzas on the bar we got there at and no more pizza was ever brought out the salad bar had pickles that were white instead of green cucumbers looked to have been frozen at one time told the girl waiting on us and she said they get flipped at 6 when we left at no one ever went to look at them or take them off the bar then I go to pay and they charge me a adult meal when my son is only 10 very bad service and the food was awful will never eat there again Reply ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA – Enrique delivery man I ordered pizza and two large bottles of soda.

My Wife and I spent many happy years working at and managing Pizza Hut locations in Ocean Springs and Hattiesburg MS.

I was told it was a busy night so I was willing to wait and I did. The delivery guy came to the door with the pizza and no soda that I paid for.

He said that I didn’t order it and when I showed him the receipt, he said he’d be right back.

the reason for me coming in was of course to order pizza and wings…for an ENTIRE COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM AND STAFF…


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