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RSS Feeds can become unsynchronized for a number of reasons, or may even be broken for just one session. RSS Feeds are stored in a folder titled "RSS Subscriptions" in your Outlook folder list. Navigate to the website that you want to subscribe. Rebecca Johnson has been a public-sector technical trainer since 1996.

Google engineers Brad Fitzpatrick and Brett Slatkin will show a demo of a new push protocol called pubsubhubbub, Netvibes CEO Freddy Mini will demo his similar RSS Instant Update Hub, and Word Press engineer Andy Skelton will show off a Jabber client which uses the XMPP protocol to push blog headlines into an IM-like environment faster than RSS. Windows 8 & 10 support Hermes runs under W8 & W10 when the sidebar is reinstated, for example, using 8Gadget Pack from by Helmut Buhler. We hope you like it :) For change details see Change Log via link in Help. If you've never used it before, this is how it looks: ...but life is hard, so it broke at one point and I was started wondering on the 5th day that I still see the same news headlines for days now, no news in the IT world ...

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