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She also said with her background, she is happy to help people if relationship problems come up as well.The initial consultation is just to see if a person wants to be a part of the program.Greek girls will voice their opinions, fiercely support what they believe in, as well as fight for the things and people they love, and who doesn't want someone like that as their right hand? Stay with a Greek girl long enough and you'll catch on to some fun phrases in a new language - and no, I don't just mean that one famous Greek curse word everyone loves to throw around when they're on the Danforth (starts with M, hint hint).Plus, the Greek language has often been said to sound pretty sexy to the non-Greek ear... ;)Let's face it, Greeks are known to be a pretty prideful people, and when it comes to our dating life, we are no different.In Chicago, I am focusing on Greek-Americans who are single and would like to marry other Greeks, either in America or are from Greece. A lot of Greeks that have grown up here are children of immigrants, and their parents were married [through] their parents.A lot of these children’s parents don’t have the best relationships.So far, Sellia said she has been happy with the progress she has made in Chicago.In Greece, she and her mother already had kind of a basis of what they were doing, and that worked very well.

They were married for the wrong reason.” Georges said she is happy to be able to help people like this, and she thinks the service can be really beneficial to Greek-Americans, as well as Greeks.

“In Greece, people still think family friends and all that is concrete.

But family ties are breaking down and people come to us.

for huge, festive parties - we will drink, we will dance, we will sing, and then we will drink some more.

Oh, and if you're a guest at a Greek wedding, just know that the Greeks won't rest until you're up and dancing (or at least, attempting) the Kalamatiano along with them.

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