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We hook you up with cool awesome people just like you. Grouvly started in Hong Kong in January 2015 an expanded to Singapore in June 2015.

Our mission is to bring people together in real life, to connect you with fun and interesting people in your city. pour your self a cup of tea and come sit by the fire...

This is a sacred and safe space where women are free to share knowledge on topics such as: Connecting with the Angelic Realm, Faeries, Metaphysics, Rocks / Crystals, Gardening, Readings, Mediumship, etc., and all things 'magickal'. This is a eclectic group for those fun, grounded, like-minded kindred spirits who wish to learn from each other, make new friends, laugh and most of all have fun!

In 1953 the 500 cc model appeared, using the same bottom end.

The con job is to fake a copy of early 60's/70's bikes documentation, and affix the numbers to late model bikes; probably stolen...

took a AGES but DID arrive - cost him lot´s of nerves tough!

so all the bikes sold in india and where not manufactured there are fake bikes?

You can either pay online through the site or place .00 in the 'good joo joo' jar when we gather.We're a 1 button solution that will put you in front of awesome people in a comfortable environment. No online chat or lame public profiles - we encourage our members to meet in the real world, where the magic happens.Our team's goal is to provide an easier way for people to expand their social circle, network and meet awesome and like-minded people in their about 500cc the bikes made by british they came in two types frames one in normal frame like royal enfield and secondly in continental frame and both bikes are gone to India.these bikes are made in england till 1962 the series have 5 digit no.s started from g2/40000 onward and i think 1965 itself g2/50000 onwards.

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