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I've been getting paranoid a lot more lately, and I just want to be careful and see that it's not too racy for what's considered on this site (it's hard to tell sometimes). Narcissa is actually the source of the Malfoy family's wealth—and not because she inherited the Black fortune, either. But now she's retired, and intent on using all her skills to make sure her baby boy gets what he wants. Ichigo had been able to kill Yhwach but got badly injured afterwards. Will her friends be able to protect her or will she fall at the hands of Central? A scheming Death, a Mad Titian, Dark Wizards, Dangerous Doctors, living Wards, Quantum Physics, and Magic theory. Thus the snake strikes again to set the stage for the absolute and horrifying truth. Mungo's and trying to avoid the nickname of the 'Girl who Lived'.

Full uncensored versions should be soon made available on my Ao3 account here: Ao3: eri_quin. If that's Harry Potter, then Harry Potter he shall have. A week had passed and now she was finally stabilized, no more was she in risk of death. Future Gin Ichi."I only ever thought there were two kinds of loves - the kind you would kill for and the kind you would die for. When Nick Fury arrives and offers her a job working for him, she immediately accepts in order to escape her own nightmares. Fūinjutsu, known as the art of Sealing things away.

I get constructive criticism I reserve the right to defend or explain myself if I can. I've been a veteran of this site for over a little over a decade (reading and writing), and only recently have come across assholes a lot more frequently than before.

If you could check it out and fav, alert and ESPECIALLY review, it would be much appreciated. Spider-girl has been around for a year, training with the Avengers, except Tony. Follow Carlisle's path of finding the love of his existence. Listed as Naruto and Naruko since it's technically FEMNaru, so no OC sibs. The distinct irrationality that love drove people to, the delirium of happiness that kept her subservient.

If I have typos, please mention it in a review or something. As much as I appreciate 'favorites' and 'followers', I'm less likely to remember you. will they stay enemies become friends or will destiny have something else in mind for them. Hopefully, this will involve a lot of romance, a little jealousy, and at least some comedy.

I try to edit as much as I can, but there will probably be something I missed (even if it's not a lot), seeing as how my eyesight is in the negatives (with a stigmatism XD) and I tend to have a bad habit to edit around the midnight hour slot, heh. I actually read reviews, and if they're something other than 'Please update' (which makes me feel like a work horse honestly), usually people who take time to leave a review motivate me, might leave some unintentional inspiration (whether it's through a comment, suggestion, their name even), and especially make me feel really guilty about not updating and therefore make me try to make myself useful and write something. The pairing is eventually going to be a triangle... Tony Stark never thought he would be a father, but he realizes that he can't let his son walk out of his life.

, Hikaru no Go, Star Wars Rebels, Big Hero 6, Epic, Flash, Fahrenheit 451, Karate Kid, Minecraft: Story Mode, Ultimate Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Justice League, Marvel, and Daredevil.8/12/17 Note: I apologize, but I'm going to only update when I actually receive reviews (that means stories that have a greater review percentage are at the top of my priority).

One, I work a hell of a lot on chapters and it feels crappy to receive a handful (or less) reviews when I do update them, and I feel tired of comparing my work to others (usually crappy stories) that receive more reviews for the sake of a more popular pairing or whatever (that makes me feel like extra shitty).

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