Hannity dating site cheaters

Because if you don't, that pretty much counts as lying, doesn't it?

And we're never supposed to lie to our partners or spouses. I have to admit that I found myself more than a little confused about these relationship rules, so I asked renowned psychotherapist Dr.

Being attracted to and/or finding someone of the opposite sex appealing is just a by-product of being alive.

Sharing this information with your partner probably has no value in your relationship other than being hurtful.

Everyone needs to have a little money of their own that they don't have to account for or explain to their partner. You probably don't need to tell your partner how many sexual encounters you've had in your past, or who you consider to be the best lover you've ever had (prior to them, of course!

The bottom line is that you know your partner better than anyone else. How one spends their “fun money” is an interesting topic that comes up a lot in my practice.

Decide whether sharing this info benefits him or her in any way. Spending money that's designated for family expenditures is what many experts call “financial infidelity.” While I don't advocate lying about that, not sharing all of the details about what you spend your “fun money” on seems like an okay omission to me.

Sometimes individual counseling is needed to figure out why the infidelity happened in the first place, and what the infidelity says about you, your relationship, or your romance.

Sometimes partners want to confess to an infidelity so that they don't have to live with the grief or guilt anymore.

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) The past is the past; it should have no bearing on your present relationship.

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