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- Why Am IReading This has joined Special: Chat -!

- Magma Man4488 has joined Special: Chat Still being all name-changey I see.

Because this building can love whoever the fuck it wants too." p Cry.

- Twin Armogeddons has joined Special: Chat my teacher once said we were going to give this speech to our groups, we had the speeches but he never actually made us give them, or turn in the papers that went with them, i mean i put hard work into that paper.... -!

- Dark Hoodie has joined Special: Chat [YOUTUBE] Title: Tupac & Scarface- Smile Lyrics - Duration: - Uploaded: 2011-11-02 - Rating: 4.941667 - Views: 190,010 - Sj_Iqit Qc -! - The Big Tea Party has joined Special: Chat hi reading -!

You want to talk about people getting on your nerves about arguing about the rules?

- Beloved Crimson has joined Special: Chat hey ben, so this one dude posted....a different language pasta on a wiki...should i ban him?

I always try to not go at this things like "It all sounds the same" because thats what a lot of people who don't like metal do.

- Batman Bale Lover has joined Special: Chat I think that jones has died by now.

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