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However, these numbers pale in comparison to the number of immigrants from Mexico, who total over 4.5 million since 1971 -- wow! As the Chinese population spread to other parts of the country, new Chinatowns spread to other major cities, such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

But after Chinese immigration was all but stopped in the 1880s, the Japanese then followed in the steps of the Chinese and "Little Tokyos" began cropping up, first in Hawai'i, San Francisco and then in Los Angeles.

Before we explore the origins and dynamics of ethnic enclaves and communities, you may be wondering, considering that about two-thirds of all Asian Americans are immigrants, exactly how many Asians have immigrated to the U. To answer that question, below is a table compiled from Immigration and Naturalization Service data.

It shows the number of immigrants and refugees/asylees who have arrived in the U. for the six largest Asian origin countries, plus Hong Kong (remember, before 1997, Hong Kong was a colony of Great Britain) and all Asian countries combined, for each of the past three decades plus the latest year in which final numbers are available, 2000.

Click on each map's thumbnail below to see a full-size picture in a pop-up window. Most recently in 2000, API majorities have expanded to include most of east L. and San Gabriel and much of the eastern part of the county. They actually have different definitions for an ethnic "community" versus an ethnic "enclave." Without getting into the academic details too much, enclaves are ethnic communities that have a well-developed economic structure that operates mainly through racial/ethnic dynamics. S., they frequently end up living or working in these established Asian enclaves.

The results show that in 1980, the only cities that had an Asian Pacific Islander (API) majority were ones directly north of downtown and in east L. However, by 1990, more API majorities sprung up in east L. Sociologists and other social scientists note many reasons why these ethnic enclaves are so popular with new immigrants and Asian Americans who have lived in the U. At any rate, we will discuss the issue of Asian American small businesses in another section. are looking to hire immigrant workers who are frequently willing work for lower wages than U. Many times, these companies actively recruit foreign workers to come to the U. Further, earlier immigrants from that country help in the immigration process by providing helpful information about jobs or assistance in the actual immigration and adjustment process. This makes sense because these enclaves give them a sense of familiarity and emotional comfort, which makes it easier for them to adapt to life in the U. They also are more likely to get a job in the enclave, especially if they are not fluent enough in English to get a job outside the enclave.

There are many theories on why people immigrate to the U. Again, without getting too academic, the usual scenario goes something like this: American multinational corporations set up businesses in foreign countries and soon begin to dominate that country's politics and economy. Their expectations for "the good life" become heightened but they also realize that they can't achieve these new goals in their current situation. In the meantime, non-Asians are able to learn about and enjoy the rich Asian culture and food of these enclaves.

On the other hand, other scholars argue that while immigrant workers in ethnic enclaves may be slightly 'penalized' in terms of wages and working conditions, they benefit in other ways.

Specifically, they enjoy the pyschological familiarity and comfort of being surrounded by others like them as they adapt to a strange new society.

Here are some ideas/resources that may be helpful in your job-search:(1) Websites to help with job-search overseas: Careers said that if you are a student, it is good to get involved with AIESEC, which is a student organization.

She said it looks excellent on your resume when applying to certain global companies and that it offers great networking opportunities.(2) One bw commenting online wrote that social workers from around the world are in high demand in Britain.

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