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– We enter Rosalie‘s legendary wig store in San Francisco.– Sister Roma introduces the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Where Claire was driving along the freeway towards NYC, heaving as she flashed forward to significant moments in your favourite character’s future and then ultimately their deaths? I don’t usually keep up with who is dating who, but I know that JD Samson is cool and Sia is cool and together they are pretty cool.Remember when your heart ached and your lip started to quiver and your eyes welled up and you reached for the Kleenex? A lot of that emotion was fuelled by Sia, whose song “Breathe Me” soundtracked that entire scene. As fellow concert-goer Kate observed, it’s science.

If you have never seen a Sia video clip before, you’ve missed out.

After the opening number, her band stripped down into bright white while Sia strips down into a dress she bought “at a sample sale for 10% of the ticket price.” Girlfriend’s got thrift style.

At the beginning of the Sydney concert, Sia promised us that every item we threw on stage during her set would be tucked into her underwear.

I guess what I’m saying is that Sia and I are basically the same person, and so I couldn’t help feeling like I should have been familiar with her work.

Unfortunately for all of us, Sia’s South By Southwest showcase conflicted with Riese’s intense Uh Huh Her stalking schedule, and I missed out.

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