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They filed a divorce complaint in February 2004 and had a divorce decree entered in January 2009.

Unfortunately, many spouses attempt to undervalue or hide certain marital assets out of fear, a sense of revenge, or possibly just a sense of entitlement.You should avoid attempting to conceal any assets and if you believe your spouse has been trying to hide assets, you should have a lawyer review your case. He and his then-wife filed a lawsuit against the raceway in September 2000 and the case was settled in November 2004 for 0,000.The husband and wife received, respectively, 1,618 and ,784 from the settlement three years after the couple separated in August 2001.If a court decides that property is marital property then the court must determine how to “equitably” split the property.State divorce laws differ on the meaning of “equitable” and most states do not consider “equitable” to mean equal.

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The steep costs involved frequently result in couples agreeing to liquidate (sell or otherwise transfer to cash) certain shared assets.

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