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Let's start with how your body responds during normal sexual activity.

The adrenal glands and sex organs produce androgen hormones which stimulate sexual function in men and are the precursor to the female hormone estrogen.

That is why it breaks the fast." i read it from islamonline..if some one has other info with refrence please tell me....

in question answer session of islamonline website.......... Does masturbation more than once, whilst fasting in Ramadan mean i have to do more than one qadha?

Will I be able to recover completely as if nothing happened? Answer: It does sound like you are fundamentally healthy as it pertains to sexual function, judging by your erection angle and ejaculation power.

Will I be able to practice the penile ballooning technique and multiple orgasms so I won't burn out my brain and body anymore? And since you experience relief from your symptoms by refraining from masturbation, it seems apparent you are suffering from sexual exhaustion as a result of over-masturbation.

However, if it does, I can't remember how many times i masturbated each day. I think i masturbated roughly 2/3 of the fasting month.

Whenever I stop masturbating for more than 3-5 days in a row, I tend to feel some sort of relief and serenity and my sex drive will feel more pleasurable.While fasting, you should try your best to use your time constructively by engaging in various forms of worship so that you don't leave a chance for the devil to whisper to you and destroy your fast.Masturbation breaks the fast since it involves intentional ejaculation. You are supposed to make up for every day you have masturbated.If we apply the rule of qiyas (analogy) to this case, we would say that if someone releases sperm (or sexual vaginal secretions in the case of women) due to a sexual (wet) dream or without desire, it will not break the fast.However, if he or she intentionally masturbates and releases the sperm (or sexual vaginal secretions in the case of women), so of course it comes with a desire and it has the same `illah (cause) in the qiyas process.

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The reason is that the release of sperm (or sexual vaginal secretions in the case of women) comes as a result of desire and sexual excitement, which is haram during the daytime of Ramadan.

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