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Spidering my site violating the standard is considered abuse. And the question is remaining, why some companies (like COREX, CYVEILLANCE and others) are running broken bots with faked end-user browser UA identities -- what do they need to hide this way, and why?

Bots are tolerated on and my other sites as long as they respect the standard.Looks like a parallel operation, but is probably just one host using a /25 address segment. Room meta discussions: Script Room/culture Haskell - we have drop-down feeds!The "chatbot" part of the AI assistant proposition is very costly for businesses that deploy them as you can read here and here.The Hype Cycle also predicts bad news for "citizen developers" and "cognitive expert advisors" – whoever, or whatever, they may be.

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Sending an anonymous bot from non-resolving IP addresses with no associated PTR records does not add to profesionalism and trust. Content harevster, crawling at a low creeping rate.

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