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But he doesn't want to be tied to Tiffany if there is a chance there will be one and more publicity could follow. And he did mention that everyone has a 3-show contract. SO QUIT THIS JUNK BEFORE I HAVE MY LAWYERS PIN POINT EVERY ACTION THAT ON HERE.

I couldn't make this ish up and I must do my gossiply duties. Sources tell The YBF that our favorite mama's boy George "Tailor Made" Weisberger has indeed moved on to another woman and that's the real reason why he and Tiffany "New York" Pollard are broken up--despite the "We're still together" hoopla they and VH-1 are putting out to the masses.His new chick is a 23 year old aspiring model named Tyshianna and they actually met right after Christmas.Damn--is nabbing the side chick role the way "aspiring models" get into the game nowadays?Hope to see you watching my show coming out soon, And Tyshianna Im pretty sure your a pretty girl in alot of people's minds but mine is not one of them, So get a life and move on. -TYSHIANNA [quote comment="25762"]I'm Far from fake I wish you would get a life, Stop trying to get over on someone elses riches.THIS IS TYSHIANNA AND TAILORMADE IS RIGHT I DONT KNOW HIM AND THIS STORY IS BOGUS I'VE SEEN HIM ONE TIME AND THIS SHIT GOT OUT OF HAND SO PLEASE NO MORE COMMENTS! I THINK NOT THAT MUPPET BABY YOU HAVE IS A HOT MESS!! I dont even know this woman and if I did she probadly wanted my autograph.

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