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by Joe Roberts The fine-wine cognoscenti might sometimes turn their vino-sniffing noses up at the thought of sangria, a combination of wine and fruit that aims for refreshment and fun over complexity and haughtiness.That’s a because sangria is not only pure party material but also has a rich history of its own and enough variation to please just about any palate.Cut out the center membrane of each half leaving a notch. Using the frozen plate and spoon, place a small amount of the jam on the chilled plate.Over a bowl with a small strainer, remove the seeds by running your finger down the middle of the groove a few times. Place the dish back in the refrigerator for 1 minute.My Orange Marmalade was the result of a few requests from my readers. They’re simple to make, much less expensive, and they taste SO much better than store bought. Ingredients: Directions: Clean and sterilize your jars. Thoroughly wash the oranges to remove any wax and residue. Remove the seed bag, squeezing it a bit to release any juice and discard.

One final test I do is to run my finger through the mixture, if it forms a firm line and crinkles a bit on the sides, it’s done.

For a more drinkable sangria concoction, look for dry red wines that are reasonably priced and tasty and offer simple, fruit-driven flavors and aromas.

It’s best to avoid older red wines (which are usually too delicate for mixing), tannic reds (which might make the sangria taste astringent), and overly complex wines (which are often more expensive and usually best left to be consumed on their own or paired with a meal rather than having their more interesting aromas and flavors mixed away).

Spain alone offers quite a few traditional options based on region, with sparkling recipes coming from the areas that produce Cava, for example.

While you can buy high-quality, ready-made sangrias, it’s also a lot of fun to start with a wine that you enjoy and your favorite fruits and spices and take a shot at making your own.

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