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The prompts relevant to this report covered food security, knowledge of rodents (e.g., vernacular names, habitats, morphology, and behavior), specific interactions with rodents (e.g., avoidance, hunting, preparation, and consumption), and knowledge of LF (e.g., transmission routes, symptoms, and prevention).

The research team devoted as much time as possible to informal interactions with the communities to establish trust.

In this district, the Mende are the dominant ethnic group (79%), followed by the Temne (7%), with Islam (72%) and Christianity (27%) the principle religions (SSL = 4), and direct observations over the entire duration of the study time.

Fourteen villages were purposively selected to include those of varying size, location, and distance from main transport axes.

Given that infected animals shed LASV in urine and blood (Monath ), it is likely that exposure to reservoir fluids, particularly during killing and butchering of infected animal serves as a pathway to infection.

In this study, we used a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches to investigate the hunting and consumption patterns of rodents and thus develop a more nuanced appreciation of this domain of human–rodent interaction.

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