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A first date is loaded with expectancy – will she/he like me and will I like them?

Is this person going to be the “One” or will I want to run for the hills before the starter?

And don’t overdue the alcohol – especially if you have a tendency to become boorish, rude, indiscreet, lecherous, violent or sick when intoxicated. Be kind Whether you are attracted to the person or not – be kind.

It doesn’t cost you anything, and it will make a big difference to the other person’s enjoyment of the date. Early on in their relationship Jack said something like this to Susan: ‘I don’t know if we’ll get married in the future but I want to treat you so well that if we split up one day and you end up marrying someone else – I would be able to look the other guy in the eye, shake his hand and say: “Here is Susan, I looked after her for you.”’ They did end up marrying each other but I thought that was an amazing thing to say. But wouldn’t it be fantastic if people were better off in life from having spent time with you, not worse off?

So, how can you make sure that your first date is the best it can be (even if it turns out to be your only date together)?

Here are some suggestions on what to do and what not to do. Chose the venue carefully If you are doing the choosing, pick somewhere that you know your date will like.

If you end up in a relationship – you’ll have plenty of opportunity to air your past sexual history, your hang-ups and all your past regrets and mistakes. After all, you don’t want them falling in love with a false version of you.

It helps if you can establish that there’s more to the relationship than just chemistry before ripping off each other’s clothes.Just because you fancy the idea of eating a snake banquet, it doesn’t mean that they will.A drink in a quiet bar, a quick supper or lunch in a little place you know are great ideas.If you already know the person and are pretty certain that you both like each other then by all means go for the big romantic gesture. My husband turned up for our second date with a bottle of wine, flowers and a box of chocolate biscuits, but soon realised he only had two hands and decided to leave the biscuits in the car! Making an effort shows that you care and that you want to make a good impression.Unwashed hair, bad hygiene and yesterday’s clothes aren’t likely to win anyone over.

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