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In the midst of the scene was a table of Singles for Charities fliers, buttons and placards.

Members sought volunteers to work with groups like the American Heart Association or the Cerebral Palsy Association.

Others present themselves as ''predominantly single.'' But it is generally recognized that single status may include people who are not legally separated.

There are clearly no restrictions on age or marital status at the hotels, discos and bars.

Excludes gift cards, alcohol, past purchases, tax and gratuity.

''It's an adult club where people aren't inhibited by the presence of children, as they are in more family oriented singles clubs,'' Mr. ''People become friends outside of club activities, unlike ski groups that just get together for a group rate and don't see each other in between.'' In organizations,'' said John R. There were a lot of pickup clubs and bars on Long Island then that are no longer in business.

Nelson of Oyster Bay, a builder and an organizer of Singles for Charities, ''people get to know each other in a relaxed spontaneous way, as opposed to the bar scene, where there's a lot of competition.'' Three-quarters of the club, which grew to 700 members in its first year and a half, is female. People became more health conscious, and the Suffolk County police began to crack down on D. And the bar business in general has been suffering ever since.'' Reflecting New Pursuits ''Becoming single in your 40's or 50's can change your life style,'' said George Paterson, past commodore of Long Island Single Sailors' Association. The people I want to associate with are into healthy pursuits, watching their diets, cutting down on alcohol consumption and exercising more.

IN the strobe lights of the Long Island Exchange at the Huntington Hilton, throngs of men and women danced to rock music while hundreds jammed the bars and aisles, watching the dance floor.

At a ''30's and Over Night,'' the people - ''mostly single,'' the management said - migrated to the buffet and jockeyed for an opening at the bar.

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