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After a year together, Griffin and Pat find themselves facing a long distance romance, doing their best to adjust and make it work despite obstacles and change.

Victor Nikiforov is planning to retire from competition the season of his 30th birthday, and is determined to make one last statement to the world.

His plans bring into view one Yuuri Katsuki, a costume designer out of Detroit, though he quickly discovers that--due to a careless mistake he doesn't remember making--getting a costume out of the man will be harder than he planned for.

Yuuri Katsuki runs a mildly successful costume-making business with Phichit Chulanont, his best friend and roommate, but he's prone to overworking, and Phichit is determined to take the business to the next level.

That is until a tiny boy walked into the room and went and changed everything.

This story is meant to run as closely parallel to the official canon as possible, as far as it has been revealed. But either way, he was falling hard for two incredible people.Long story short, Hawke is pretty sure he's fallen in love.On the other side of this year apart is more of this–naked wine and chocolate in bed, Griffin’s awful puns and sloppy kisses, a bed that feels like a safe place from the rest of the world, and a man he trusts more than any other.It’s hard, being apart, but he’ll weather through it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but in turn, the absence becomes harder to bear.

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