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This was confusing to me, so I'll say it again: you need the i Pod client app, synced from i Tunes to the i Pod, and the Mac server app, installed and duly initialized on the Mac.Once the server app is installed and initialized, it must be up and running for the i Phone/i Pod client app to stream music.The first time you use them, they're not always so simple.

But never fear; when I went to the i Tunes Store and pulled up each of the apps I had lost, it was aware that I had already paid for them and it let me download them again, one by one, for free.)I had to download the Mac-based version of Simplify Media 2 desktop server software (there are other versions for other computer platforms) and install it on my i Mac. After starting it for the first time (I had already dragged it to my Applications folder and then put its icon in my Dock), I had to go through an initial setup process before it would pick up on my i Tunes music library and make it available for streaming to my i Pod.

But when i remove item from database, listview shows both old and new data.

Some things that simplify things and make new things possible can be a bit hard to figure out.

Another name for it seems to be "full library rescan." "Updating" is what happens when the SM server sends the Media List to the mobile client.

Updating happens only after initializing is complete. But the Simplify Media server software does have to be running.)Also, once SM figured out that I wanted it to reinitialize/re-update, which involved changing one of its Preferences options and changing it back again, that process took surprisingly long to complete — and there is precious little indication given by SM as to it thinks it is doing at any particular moment in time.

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In my application, listview is loaded from SQLite database and it is using Simple Adapter to set List View.

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