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She has a unique perspective in dive travel - for both single AND married but buddyless divers.In 2004, Dallas-resident and scuba-enthusiast Kamala Shadduck launched Single Then when I got to the boat or resort I would end up with ‘the leftover’ dive buddy or the one no one wanted many of whom were insta-buddies from hell. And there was…group travel where everybody was essentially in the same boat…they needed a buddy or a roomie.I still hadn’t solved the problem entirely but I did have a good work around which for me was running charters to North Carolina’s Graveyard of the Atlantic.She’s adamant that is NOT a dating site for divers, but if you don’t have a dive buddy, this community is certainly a place to check out. It hadn’t started out that way…in fact it was an accident, becoming the ‘queen of singles’ that is.

In those days many groups used charter air from Dallas or other cities and we used the former.

However the next week or so changed my life forever.

I received well over a hundred calls and emails from people who had met us in Cozumel or who were friends of people who had met us in Cozumel and had heard we ran ‘Single’s Trips’.

They wanted to know our website and when our next trip was.

I was in a panic as I called a dear friend of mine Walter Wilt.

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