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Despite her mother’s pleas, her father, who ironically enough is a pastor, threw her out of the house.She lived for a year and a half on the charity of friends and her child frequently fell ill because she could not afford to give it the nutrition it needed.One cannot talk about the bad habits of Ugandan men without taking into account the fact that they seem to think the bodies of all women are there to fondle as they please.This is in reference to taxi drivers, conductors, market vendors and a few fools in the corporate structure.“But I knew that if I did so, the other men would attack me.No one in Uganda understands the depth of sexual assault. One fateful day, she used a boda boda to take her home.She turned out to be right on point when she learned he was marrying a tall, brown and buxom Munyankore girl.“I confronted him, and can you imagine what he told me? “He said there was no way in the world he could take someone like me to meet his mother.

This is just an example of how Ugandan men do not regard women as independent-thinking human beings but as property to be used and disposed of at will. A man will not marry a woman for her fine intellect. That may be what he thinks but he and the woman in question are actually deluded.“I called a friend to drive me to the police station, because I knew the stage where I had gotten the rider”, she said.“The police asked me why I had been out at two in the morning”. In a week, she had left Uganda, and has vowed never to return.The girl however, faces an entirely different scenario.Jane learned she was pregnant in the final year of her university studies.

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