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Meanwhile robot academics will follow you along the beach—this is because the original purpose of dating has been completely forgotten, and the robots hope observing you will garner clues that will help them solve this problem and publish articles about it in robot-reviewed publications.

Unfortunately, by this time, neither you nor your date will be able to remember what the purpose of dating was either.

With the totality of the world’s information available to us through implanted electrodes, it will be possible to predict at birth who, if anyone, we’ll end up marrying, although breakthroughs in longevity tech will mean everyone has already dated everyone else in their network and is starting to feel a bit jaded.

Cheap teleportation will transform dating culture, as most of Earth’s human population moves to the exoplanet HD 40307g.

Dating sites will continue to converge with social media.

Filters guaranteeing you’re never exposed to opinions not shared by your friends will now ensure you never date anyone exposed to those opinions.

As the only two surviving non-futurist humans, you will be in a good position to understand each other’s pop cultural references. You will try to figure out what you’d have to change about yourself to make this relationship work, and will briefly even contemplate having the relevant neurohacks implemented.

By now you’ll just have to think about what you’re looking for romantically, for example “a Proustian frenzy of unappeased sorrow,” and chips in your brain will infer the ideal person to inflict this on you, then manufacture them out of silicon, silicone, and other materials.

The Internet of Things will make dating less traumatic, as our emotional needs are supplied by the same self-configuring dynamic global network infrastructure that handles all other inventories.

While predictions of the future can never be absolutely certain, it’s a safe bet that after the Singularity—a technical term for the point in the future after which everyone will be single—the only surviving humans on HD 40307g will be bred in captivity, as part of a research project run by AIs.

However their online avatars will continue to have vibrant inter-dimensional sex lives—indeed, to some extent this is already happening.

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First dates on Earth will now occur in full immersion virtual realities.

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  1. He found that each of us have three "ego states" operating at once: • The parent: What you've been taught • The child: What you have felt • The adult: What you have learned When you're in a relationship, you relate on each of those levels: • The parent: Do you have similar values and beliefs about the world? Friendship, the paper found, is a key mechanism that could help explain the causal relationship between marriage and life satisfaction.

  2. You can do it early in the morning, late at night or even during your lunch hour. The best part about online dating, many people say, is that you can get a pretty good idea of whether you’d actually have a connection with someone before meeting them.

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