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A scenario like this would be great to see who might be working the hardest, working overtime, and from which department within a company.To make it more interesting, let’s dig in further and find out which employee is working the most.It’s ideal for calculating and summarizing information that you can use to break down large tables into just the right amount of information you need.You can use Excel to create a Recommended Pivot Table or create one manually. Recommended Pivot Table Introduced in Excel 2013, a Recommended Pivot Table is a predesigned summary of your data that Excel recommends for you.As you can see, the Pivot Table task pane appears on the right displaying additional tools I can use to sort and filter.For the following example, I am going to add the in January. Create a Pivot Table from Scratch If you want more control over how your pivot table is designed, you can do it yourself using the standard Pivot Table tool.In the following example, I’ll go with the Count of Employee Name by Hours Worked in January.

Here are the steps to get your pivot table to refresh when the data refreshes in your worksheet.When the Choose Data Source dialog appears, click OK.A gallery of recommended Pivot Table styles will appear that provides suggestions for how you might want to analyze the selected data.To refresh the Pivot Tables, you have to go to each one and refresh it.With the help of our friend Michelle, we were able to figure out how to get the Pivot Tables to automatically refresh.

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