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I mean, it hasn’t been a great year for any of us, really, unless you’re one of the few American citizens who got a 0,000 windfall for doing no useful work, either by winning it on a game show or getting it in donations for killing a black kid.

But aside from the obvious reasons a Democratic Party stalwart like Sorkin might be upset—the 2016 midterms, President Obama’s approval ratings a resounding “meh” compared to the revolutionary fervor of six years ago, and the recent CIA report shouting out loud to the world that yes, indeed, “we tortured some folks”—Sorkin has some personal reasons to be upset.

(I can personally recall the sheer wrath with which I was greeted when I was playing video games in the dorm lounge while The West Wing’s series finale was about to air.) The Newsroom has been dogged by relentless criticism since its pilot, to the point where Sorkin, while keeping a happy face on the situation, nonetheless has come out and said it may be the end of his career in television.

But even for a widely criticized show it was shocking to see the massive storm of universal opprobrium its penultimate episode, “Oh, Shenandoah,” generated for its incredibly clumsy handling of campus rape right when real newsrooms were being rocked by the Rolling Stone/UVA revelations.

The creator and executive producer of HBO's dressed all in black, while his date looked stunning in a one-shoulder, red Guarav Gupta gown.

Keagan was named one of Us Weekly's 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers of 2012.

He began using marijuana and cocaine early in his professional career, and has said he was high on crack while writing the screenplay for In 1995, Sorkin married entertainment lawyer Julia Bingham.

They had a daughter named Roxy together before divorcing in 2005.

Aaron Sorkin is frustrated that his Steve Jobs biopic fell apart.

It's The Post..." Later in the night, I fell into a bad habit I have: offering unwanted advice ever so arrogantly on exactly how I can "help" someone. In fact, in the writer's room, when talking about this story, we call the character 'Bad Mandy' (as opposed to real Mandy) because I haven't named her yet.

I'm about to start writing that episode right now and I'm telling you now as I told you then, THIS CHARACTER IS NOT YOU.

Adapted from a book by Ben Mezrich, and starring Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, (2010) was a crowning achievement for Sorkin, who won an Academy Award and Golden Globe for his screenplay.

He followed with another adaptation that garnered Oscar buzz, co-writing the script for the baseball movie .

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By now, we are all very aware that Aaron Sorkin borrows material — from his own shows, from real-life reporters, from beloved early nineties football movies, and occasionally from his personal life. I thought it was worth re-emphasizing that."I will tell you that I fully cried, totally humiliated at the wreckage of what happens when you are a scheming little manipulating starfucker such as myself.

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